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Select Bank & Trust announces Strategic Merger with New Century Bank, click here for information. 

A Common Sense Approach to Banking

Personal and Small Business Banking

Select Bank & Trust’s “Common Sense Approach to Banking” means that you or your business are never just another account, you’re a valuable part of our community. We are a full service bank with a wide variety of checking account options, savings and investment plans, CDs and IRAs, and flexible lines of credits

Whether you are in the market for one of our personal savings and investment products or you’re a small business owner looking for a flexible line of credit to help your business grow, Select Bank & Trust has the products you need to be financially secure. 

If you’re new to the site, explore our Products and Services page and see the advantages of banking with Select Bank & Trust. We offer things like secure, free online banking so you can manage your personal or business accounts whenever it’s most convenient for you. With our no-fee ATM debit cards, you can use any ATM in the country absolutely free. Business owners can tie their business checking accounts to lines of credit so they can help their business grow without ever missing a payment. 

Planning for the future? Select Bank offers a wide array for investment options, CDs and IRAs so you can be prepared for the next step in life. If you're a business owner, explore our Savings and Investment page to see how you can start making your money work for you.

For more information on what Select Bank & Trust can do for you, and to learn more about our common sense approach to banking, contact us, or visit one of our bank branches in Greenville, Elizabeth City, Washington, Gibsonville, or Burlington.